Pet Beds For RV Camping

RVing with a dog makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Dogs love RVing and camping. During the day, they like to roam the campground and sniff every tree, bush, and rock.

Small dogs don't take up a lot of room. But traveling with a large dog that needs a lot of space when sleeping is a problem.

Does Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

Big or small, dogs watch over their owners during the day. At night they instinctively want to keep their people safe. So they want to sleep on the bed at their owner's feet.

Does Your Dog Like Sleeping On The Floor?

If your dog sleeps in another room at home, she'll adjust to your RV's limited space. But, if your dog likes sleeping on the floor at the foot of your bed at home, she'll want to do the same in your RV. In most RVs, there isn't a lot of room at the foot or sides of the bed.

TIP: The same sleeping pattern your dog has at home is how it will sleep in the RV. It's easier to find a similar place for it to sleep in the RV than it is to retrain the dog. If you are buying a new RV, consider where the dog will sleep or think about how you can make it work for you and the dog.

Does Your Dog Sleep In A Kennel?

Setting up and tearing down a dog kennel every night is a pain in an RV. But if you kennel your dog at home, you'll want to do the same when RVing.

Options To A Dog Kennel

Rather than putting up and taking down a kennel, consider your options. We've seen existing storage compartments enlarged to handle even large dogs. Sometimes repurposing an existing space is all you'll need to do.

  • You can make a storage compartment under a dining bench into a cozy space for a small dog.
  • Most RV beds have a compartment under the bed. Section off part of it to create a kennel.
  • If you have a bunkhouse trailer, you can make part of it into a compartment for the dog.
  • Toy hauler trailers have plenty of room for a kennel

Types Of Dog Beds

  • Square or Rectangular Dog Beds
  • Donut Shaped Dog Beds
  • Raised Dog Beds
  • Basket Dog Beds
  • Bean Bag Dog Beds


Dogs are great pets. They're loyal and possessive of "their people". We love having our dog with us as part of our family. Finding the best place for them to sleep is important to their happiness and ours.

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