9 Tips For Surviving Disgusting Campground Showers

How would you describe campground showers?

"Gross", "nasty", "dirty", and "disgusting" would all be at the top of the list.

You can't change the showers, but you can make taking a shower more enjoyable.

What To Do To Make A Campground Shower Enjoyable

Here's what use to make campground showers bearable.

Doggy Pads

Doggy Pads are our #1 must-have shower item. They are wonderful. Because they are small, folded, and lightweight, we carry a dozen in our shower bag.

They are super absorbent, so we use them for a floor mats. That way we aren't standing on bare concrete that's usually cold and dirty. And we use them on the bench so we aren't sitting where other people have sat.

And when we're done, we throw them away.

WARNING: Doggy pads get slippery when wet. Here's a good alternative:

5 Gallon Bucket

A 5-gallon bucket is a great way to carry your shower stuff and it provides a place to sit. Most campgrounds with showers have a bench to sit on. But some don't.

You can buy a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid. This is a great way to carry your shower stuff and gives you a place to sit if there isn't a bench. Keep the lid down and use it for a seat.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are another must-have shower item. It doesn't make sense to take a shower while standing in dirt, sand, hair and who knows what else. Flip flops help protect against athlete's foot, Plantars Warts, and nail fungus. And they can prevent a nasty infection from a cut on your foot.

TIP: Falling in a shower can cause serious injury, so make sure you buy non-slip flip-flops.

Over The Door Hook

Some campground showers don't have any hooks for hanging up your clothes and most have only one. A set of over-the-door hooks solves the problem.

Shower hooks hook over the top of the shower door. They keep your clothes and towel from getting soaked with the shower spray. And they come in a variety of styles, so there are plenty of options.

Shower Bag

We carry our towels, underwear, shampoo and soap, hairbrush, and whatever else we need. Ours has plenty of pockets so everything isn't thrown into the bag.


A lot of the campground showers have a light, but it often isn't very bright. We use a battery-powered lantern to brighten the shower. Having plenty of light while showering is nice, especially during the winter. Even a small lantern that fits into the shower bag can add a lot of light to an otherwise dark room.

Spray Disinfectant

Spraying a shower with a disinfectant will help keep you from catching something. And it makes the shower smell good.

TIP: Disinfectants don't kill germs immediately. Check the label to see how long it takes for the disinfectant to kill most germs.

Liquid Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, and Gel Bodywash

We've all found a bar of soap that someone has left in the shower. It's gross. No one wants to use a stranger's soggy bar of soap. We use liquid shampoo and conditioner for our hair, and we use a gel body wash. They are convenient to use and fit into the shower bag without making a mess.

Portable Heater

Because we are full-time RVers, we camp during the winter months. Even though it is winter, there are campgrounds that keep their showers open.

To warm the shower room, we use a Mister Heater portable propane heater. They're safe to use indoors. We've had ours for years and it will heat up a campground shower in minutes.

WARNING: Even though a propane heater is safe for indoor use, the room needs ventilation. We only use the heater if the room has vents to the outside. And we only keep it on long enough to warm the room


Camping at a campground that has showers is great. But a lot of people use them during the camping season. The showers get gross, nasty, dirty, and disgusting. But with a little effort, you can make showering in a campground shower tolerable. And who doesn't enjoy a nice, warm shower when camping?

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