Are Travel Trailer Roof Vent Covers Necessary

When camping in an RV or travel trailer there is a lot to think about. Did you remember to lock the refrigerator door? Is the propane turned off? Are the drawers and cabinets secured? Did you forget anything? And did you remember to check the roof vents?

Roof vent covers may not be necessary, but they have many benefits. They should be standard equipment on every travel trailer equipped with roof vents. If your RV doesn’t have roof vent covers, we recommend them, and we’ll explain why in this article. They are one of the best upgrades we’ve bought for our travel trailer. And you can buy them on Amazon.

Roof vent covers are inexpensive and easy to install. There should be vent covers on every RV owner's must-have list. Roof vent covers make a travel trailer more comfortable, keep the rain out, and lower humidity. And a vent cover allows leaving the vent open when traveling even when it’s raining.

What is a roof vent cover?

A roof vent cover is a vented plastic assembly that covers an RV roof vent.

A Roof Vent Cover Allows The Vent To Remain Open When Traveling

At some point, every travel trailer owner will forget to close the roof vent when moving to a new location. Most of the time, the wind will beat the cover but there won’t be any serious damage. A strong wind in the wrong direction, though, can damage the roof vent. It may even need replacing. And if you’re traveling in rainy weather, rainwater will come inside through the open vent.

With a roof vent cover, you can leave the vents open when driving. The cover blocks the wind and it keeps rain from coming inside.

After installing our roof vent covers, we've traveled in the rain, snow, and windy weather. And we did it with our vents open. We've never had water get inside our trailer.

Roof Vent Covers Prevent Vent Lid Damage

Several years ago we owned a Class A motorhome. We didn’t install vent covers, and in a bad hailstorm, the hail broke our vent lids. During the night it rained and water got inside the RV. If we had vent covers, the hail would not have broken the vent lids and we wouldn’t have had any water inside our RV.

Roof Vent Covers Allow Leaving The Vents Open

With roof vent covers we can leave the vents open day and night. We enjoy the fresh air without worrying about rain getting inside our trailer.

Are There Different Styles Of Roof Vent Covers?

There are different styles of roof vent covers. But the differences are in the design and not function.

When shopping for roof vent covers we found you do get what you pay for.

Are Roof Vent Covers Worth The Money?

Leaving a roof vent open when traveling in a rainstorm can cause hundreds of dollars in water damage. Backing up with a vent open that gets snagged by a tree limb could damage a roof vent beyond repair. And a sudden hard gust of wind could tweak the vent lid so it doesn’t seal.

A roof vent cover is well worth the money.

Are Roof Vent Covers Hard To Install?

The hardest part of installing a roof vent cover is getting on and off your travel trailer roof.

We have MaxxAir vent covers. And I love them. Installation was easy. I drilled two holes on each side of the roof vent flange and installed four nuts and bolts. The first vent cover install took me about 10 minutes because I’d never installed one before. The other two covers took about 5 minutes each.

The project was simple and the benefits are great. We’ve had several years of problem-free service.

If you want a quality roof vent cover, I recommend the MaxAir Vent Covers.

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