Are Chihuahuas Good Camping Dogs?

They're cute, cuddly, and super affectionate. They are curious, loyal, courageous to a fault, and great companions.

Even though they are a small breed, Chihuahuas are as much fun as their full-size counterparts.

But are Chihuahuas good camping dogs?

Why Chihuahuas Are Good Camping Dogs

They're Good Guard Dogs

Our Chihuahua's name is Jordan. And she is one of the best dogs we've ever owned. She loves people and isn't shy about approaching strangers, but she's loyal to us. So even though she's friendly outside, once we're inside our RV for the night, she's on duty.

Anyone or anything moving around outside our travel trailer will cause her to jump up and listen. And if someone comes too close to the trailer, she'll bark.

Chihuahuas Don't Need A Lot Of Space

A Chihuahua will sit on the end of a bench. Curl up on the floor. Sleep on a small dog bed or in a kennel without being in the way. And they love to sit and sleep next to their owner.

They're small and loveable, and they don't take up a lot of space.

Chihuahuas Don't Need A Lot Of Food

They're small so they don't eat a lot. We keep Jordan's food, bowls, and treats in a small cupboard beneath the refrigerator. A box of food lasts a week, so Chihuahuas not only don't eat a lot, they're inexpensive to feed.

Chihuahuas Are Easy To Clean Up After

One of our pet peeves is when a fellow camper has a big dog that poops around the campground as if they owned the place. No one, including the dog's owner, wants to deal with it.

That isn't a problem with a Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas Love To Play But Only For A Little While

Like any dog, playing fetch is fun. Tug of war with an old sock comes with a bunch of growling and twisting. But after 15 or 20 minutes of playing, a Chihuahua gets tired of the fun.

Chihuahuas need about 20 minutes of exercise a day. Going for a short hike or playing with a ball is all a Chihuahua needs to stay healthy.

Chihuahuas Are Easy To Keep Clean And Groom

During the warm weather, we'll take Jordan for a walk to a lake, stream, or creek, and give her a bath. She has short hair so grooming her only takes a few minutes of brushing.

Chihuahuas Are Cuddly

Spending quality time with their owners is high on a Chihuahuas to-do list. They'll sit on their owner's lap or lay next to them in a chair for hours. Give a Chihuahua a little scratch or massage and it'll adjust to help you get it how they like it.

Chihuahuas Live A Long Time

Having a long life may not add to their being a good camping dog, but it makes for long companionship. Chihuahuas usually live 15 or more years. In their lifetime, they bring a lot of joy and happiness for many years.

Chihuahuas Help You Make New Camper Friends

Meeting new people is sometimes awkward. But most people, especially children, love Chihuahuas. They're cute, small, and non-threatening so adults and children want to pet them. And most Chihuahuas love the attention.

We enjoy meeting other campers, but we're not always good at starting a conversation. When we're out with Jordan, other campers will often stop and talk to us about our dog, helping break the ice.

Owning A Chihuahua Tips

Spaying: Unless you plan on breeding your female, you should have her spayed. We made a mistake in not having our Chihuahua spayed and she developed tumors on her belly. The vet said spaying helps keep tumors from developing.

Water: Chihuahuas love the heat, and they will lay in the sun until they are panting. Always keep some water nearby for them.

Leashes: When camping dogs should be on leashes. Not only is it good camping etiquette, but it also keeps the dog safe. Chihuahuas have a hard time realizing they are pint-sized. They have big hearts and they are brave, which is part of what makes them good camping dogs. But that same bravery gets them in trouble when they charge bigger dogs.


A big part of camping is companionship. There's the joy of spending time with the family and reconnecting with friends. And there is also the pleasure of spending time with a pet.

Chihuahuas may come in a variety of styles and shapes, but they are loyal and loving. You can dress them up, play fetch, or sit together. They're always happy to be with their family.

We started with a question: Are Chihuahuas good camping dogs?

The answer is they great camping dogs. If you're thinking about getting a Chihuahua, don't hesitate. You won't regret getting one.

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