Keeping Your Dog Safe

How do you keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy while camping?

People have fun when camping, and they want to take their dogs with them. Here is how you can keep your dog happy while camping and give it some space to explore.

Use a long lead leash

A short leash might be good for walking around town. But when hiking your dog on a short lead, your dog will spend its time dragging you down a woodland trail. At the least, a long lead allows you to keep your dog controlled while allowing it to explore without getting too far away from you. And a long lead is also useful as a temporary tie-out. When you stop for a rest on a long walk, it's nice to tie your dog's leash to a tree or shrub. Dogs will chew a leash when they get bored, so we use a leash a dog can bite but not chew through.

A tie-out lets your dog roam, but not too far

Dogs get used to their environment. Around the home, they will stay in their yard and won't stray too far. But when you're camping, your dog is in unfamiliar territory. It's overwhelmed by fresh scents and places to explore. Tail in the air, nose to the ground, they can't investigate their new home fast enough. Using a tie-out is a good way to let your dog explore until exhausted.

No-Pull pet harness is great for training a dog not to pull

I wish I'd had a no-pull pet harness when our dog was small. They make training a dog not to pull much easier. And you don't use a choker or other more aggressive device. If your dog pulls, this harness will stop the habit.

Use a folding metal exercise pen when camping

The manufacturer calls it an exercise pen. We've used one for years with our dog. After a hard day of play, our dog settles down once we put her in the pen. During the summer, it's too hot to keep her in the trailer. So we set up her pen where she can be near us.

Crate your dog while you're away and at night

The American Kennel Club says, "Crate training gives dogs a sense of security and safety and helps give owners greater peace of mind." If you need to use the campground bathroom or want to go for a short walk, crate your dog. It will keep your dog safe and feeling secure while you're gone. And at night, a crate helps your dog sleep.

A dog bed will quiet your dog

We don't enjoy sleeping on the ground. And we sleep better in a bed. Our dogs are the same. When it's time to crate or pen your dog, a bed will help quiet it down. A dog bed won't keep your dog safe, but it will make them more comfortable.

Find your dog at night with a glowing dog collar

Have you ever had your dog get loose and not respond to commands? We're full-time RVers, and I always worry that our dog will get loose at night. In the dark, a dog is hard to see. You may not see your dog, but you will see a glowing dog collar. It's a cheap investment to keep your dog safe.

Taking your dog camping

Our dog is a member of our family. We take her with us wherever we go. We want her to enjoy herself, but we want to keep her safe and comfortable. From how she plays to how she sleeps, we want our dog happy and safe.

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